Replay: Benjamin Bernstein

And Offer

I Everything that you said would happen has been happening. I had no idea astrology could be so helpful!

Kay Carpenter, Austin, TX

You gave me fresh insights into myself that no other astrologer has ever talked about. Great job!

MW, Asheville, NC

I feel that I have been doing ‘quantum quantum’ life changes since I met with you. I am really grateful to you for helping me ‘pop the cork’ that had been stuck for so long, and for the help you so giftedly pour through your being. You are truly an artist using the canvas of astrology

Dorsey Ridgely, Weaverville, NC

Insightful and inspiring … the passion you have for astrology, combined with the thoughtful and compassionate way you share the information, is awesome. It’s like therapy and career counseling and someone reading a blueprint of your life all at once!

Anna B., Weaverville, NC

I feel profoundly more empowered … It was a wonderful experience to have the parts of me I’ve always felt but never fully embraced be elucidated and supported with your words and enthusiasm! THANK YOU!

Laeo, Asheville, NC

I’m an engineer, a realist and a rationalist, and I am beyond astonished at the accuracy of 99.9% of what you said!

Chuck Cooper, Bradenton, FL

Your reading put me back in the game. You offered meaning and hope and practical reasons and steps to take…What a relief you are!

Laura Frisbie, Asheville, NC

You got right to the heart of what I’m dealing with, and gave me such wonderful tools to work with all the craziness in my life right now. Very empowering!

Janet Edwards, Chattanooga, TN

Our consultation helped give me the assurance I needed for the big shifts that I’m choosing to make in my life right now.

Kristin Peppel, Asheville, NC

I accessed a lot of bliss during our shamanic healing session, and now have a stronger sense of the divine energy in my body. Now, in my meditations, I feel lighter and larger, and the boundaries are thinner. I feel less like an isolated physical being, and more like a spiritual being in a physical body.

MA, Asheville, NC

I was able to greatly reduce the use of a prescription medication. Six months later, this change is still in effect. I can attribute this healing only to Benjamin’s intuition and skill in channeling Spirit’s power. I highly recommend working with him to achieve positive healing!

Dixie W., Clinton, MA