Peace force On Earth Quantum Connection Series

With Sindhu Singh, MD


  • Experience healing beyond confines of time, space or dimensions
  • Effective for all issues, financial, health, relationships, emotions
  • Listen to the speakers for free
  • Work at your own pace through packages
  • No need to travel to attend expensive retreats
  • Experience the energy of healers and get a chance to work one on one with them during the calls!
  • Work with healers from all around the world

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Meet Your Host

My name is Sindhu Singh and I am currently a practicing medical doctor in the Oncology.  Immense suffering associated with diseases such as cancer lead me to question“Is there another way I can impact the life of men and women who are suffering?". Physical illnesses are the end result of so many factors- mental, emotional, spiritual-that extend way past into past lives and into other dimensions of our being. My target audience is not just limited to people seeking deeper answers for their health concerns- it encompasses anyone and everyone open to idea of spiritual healing, healing that defies boundaries of time, space and dimensions. The CORE MISSION of my efforts is impeccable HEALTH with infinite possibilities, Eternal YOUTH and divine BEAUTY for all beings.

 Come join us on this exciting new journey!



My inner Life has Change dramatically from Dark to Light

"If you read no further, know this - I have never felt so supported and cared for as I have with Matt and ManTarA.  He is a gifted healer and a truly Heart centered, caring person.

I had been dealing with pain issues on the side of my heard, massive stomach digestive issues (my stomach would bloat out to make me look 7 months pregnant), 50 plus pounds gained in the last year, deep grief issues... and the list goes on and on.  I have been working with healers for the last 20 plus year and doing energy work Reiki, SRT etc, I have also taken several energy healer courses from popular healers and nothing has changed for long.

Before my first session with Matt, just listening to the MP3 I was able to release a sadness, that was sometimes bordering on suicidal that would come up when anything hurt my feelings and was actually getting more intense as time went on ... gone, its gone. Since then I have been upset, and had my feelings hurt, but now I can deal with the situation with more confidence and peace.

With my stomach and digestive issues, let's just say I was miserable, my stomach felt like dead weight.   During my first session with Matt and ManTarA I could feel, (I am very sensitive to energy), the energy moving through my stomach and it was like my first 3 chakra where coming alive again. Since then I have released weight, and my health is improving every day.

I first heard Matt speak during a tele summit call, and the light language sounded familiar.  I had my first session in mid to late April and I am writing this mid August. In that short time my inner life has change dramatically from dark to light, literally. The progress I have made with Matt and ManTarA in a few months has been extraordinary. I have had massive clearings, my digestion issues have gone from a 10 to a 3, weight is being released, my energy issues went from needing to take a nap every day, to getting through the work day feeling energized.

I could go on and on about how much my life had changed and how much it continues to change. I now believe ... believe anything is possible. I feel the huge difference is that with Matt and ManTarA you are not just experiencing the energy clearings, Matt is also working with you as a life coach, and with the mental aspects, and this support in combination with the powerful energy work has brought real lasting changes. Thank You."

~ Annett Schneider ~ Annett Schneider

My session was Simone was exactly what I needed and brought me a great deal of peace, clarity and releasing of blocked energy! The messages channeled from my Higher Self we're very insightful, accurate, and helped to give me more focus on where I'm heading. She helped me release the cords connected to people and events from my past so that I'm able to fully move forward in my power living my purpose! She helped me get grounded in my new place that I recently relocated to and open to more receptivity to the all the positive change, freedom, and adventure that is in store for me! Thank you Simone!!”

Linda White Dove, M. Ed., RMT, Awakening Facilitator; Massachusetts, USA Linda White Dove, M. Ed., RMT, Awakening Facilitator; Massachusetts, USA

“It has been a few days since my session with Simone Valentine. I especially loved the clearings we did. I had a block around feeling safe that was keeping me from taking the next step with my work. She cleared it away. I felt it leave. It has not come back.

Simone also helped me clear an even bigger block. It was such a big block that my body shook for a moment as it released. I felt radically different afterwards and still do. I've noticed as a result a difference in how I am relating with people (and how they are responding to me), and also my intuition around relating. I have a deeper awareness now of the subtle energy interaction that underlies spoken word.

I'm very happy with the results of the clearings, and how easily/quickly it happened as Simone worked with me. I plan to have another clearing session sometime in the future.”

 Come join us on this exciting new journey!

Sarah E.

“When I met Amy I was going through financial hardship and had just received an abnormal medical test result. I was overwhelmed by my circumstances and felt scared, frustrated, and alone.
Amy advised me to push back on the universe and believe that the money I spent for self-care/ love would be returned back to me tenfold. Even before I ended my conversation with her I received an email from my employer that said I was going to be receiving a rebate for approximately what the cost of the session was that day. I am now encouraged to take more small financial risks that may help to nourish my soul. Also, a few days later my basement flooded and I needed all new flooring (which I needed anyway because of some health concerns). I was able to get it replaced and insurance paid for it.
In my session Amy also told me to push back on the universe regarding my health. She told me “You are going to read an article about a new treatment that will get rid of this.” A few days after this conversation I was stung by a bee. It was then that my boyfriend said ” You know some people use bee venom as a therapy to treat illness”.. That’s when I came across research that shows: bee venom is highly effective at treating the condition that I was concerned about. Again, she was SPOT ON!
I look forward to working with Amy in the future and I highly recommend her. Don’t second guess it, sign up with Amy, you’ll see it come back tenfold in your life! ”

Sarah E.